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Image of the current adoptability score as shown in a dog's folder.
The current adoptability score as shown in a dog's folder.

Adoptability is one of the unique aspects of each dog in To The Rescue!. Each dog has a maximum adoptability score that is based off of their traits, and is modified by how well the dog is taken care of (as represented by their happiness). This score determines how likely the dog is to be adopted. A dog's adoptability ranges from 2 to 5 stars, with 5 being the most adoptable a dog can be. Each dog's adoptability manifests in three different ways: maximum, current, and effective adoptability scores.

Maximum Adoptability

The combined value of the traits of a dog affect their maximum adoptability. This score is, as the name implies, the maximum number of stars that the current adoptability can reach. If a dog is well taken care of, its current adoptability rating as reflected in the Dog Log and in its folder will be equal to its maximum adoptability.

NOTE: no dog can ever have less than 2 stars of maximum adoptability.

Current Adoptability

Dogs can become less appealing for adoptions if their needs aren't fully met. This is reflected as their current adoptability, which is viewable in the Dog Log and in the dog's individual folder. As dogs' happiness decreases, their current adoptability score begins to lose stars from their maximum. This is the score that is used to determine adopters' ratings.

Effective Adoptability

The adoptability of a dog can be a bit subjective to different adopters. This is reflected by a dog's effective adoptability, which is the actual rating given to the dog during an adoption. Depending on how well the dog matches the adopters' preferences, the rating given to the dog may vary from their current adoptability score. For more information, see Adoption.