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The goal of the player in To The Rescue! is to care for dogs until they are adopted

The Adoption Process

  • The adopter comes to the lobby room of the shelter.
  • The adopter will say their preference. (e.g Hi, I'm looking for a dog that is a puppy and has a docked tail)
  • After the player talks to the adopter and they will say "Are you ready for me to look at some dogs?" by clicking "Yes" the adoption begins!
  • The adopter will rate each dog you show them by 1 to 5 stars. The stars are based on the dog's adoptabillity and the adopter's preferences.
  • If their willingness passed their resistance they will adopt 1 out of the amount of dogs you show them. However, if the adopter's willingness didn't pass their resistance they will not adopt a dog. (If the player has the LeashedIn upgrades the player can convince the adopter to adopt a dog. )