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The shop is where players may go to replenish the goods needed to run the shelter, such as dog food or pens.

List of items (Some are missing):

Name Cost
Nubarina 5 Funds
R & J 6 Funds
Green Bison 4 Funds
Mountain Balance 3 Funds

Name Cost
Pupper Prism Antiviral 20 Funds
Frontvantage Complete 40 Funds
Intra-Check XD 50 Funds
Tough-Guard Plus 60 Funds
Misc Items
Name Type Cost Effect
Leashmax 2000 Leash Upgrade 500 Funds Have 3 dogs in your leash instead of 2!
Walkerleash Pro Leash Upgrade 1000 Funds Have 4 dogs in your leash! (previous leash upgrades required)
Clapmaster Deluxe Leash Upgrade 1500 Funds Have 5 Dogs in your leash! (Previous leash upgrades required)
Apron MK II Apron Upgrade 250 Funds Have 3 pockets instead of 2!
Universal Utillity Apron Apron Upgrade 500 Funds Have 4 Pockets! (Previous Apron upgrade(s) required)
The Final Apron Apron Upgrade 750 Funds Have a total of 5 pockets! (Previous Apron upgrade(s) required)

Note: Misc Items can only be bought once.